cristi pérez

Since she begun her career as a footwear designer, Cristi Pérez (Barcelona 1975) has distinguished herself for the contrasts between the innovative use of the materials and for her taste of rounded shapes that form her hallmark. From the very beginning, her creations combine sophistication with the pulse of the street: Style and glamour with an alternative and cheerful look.

Cristi studied footwear design, pattern making and orthopedics; she also did an internship at a prestigious Italian factory. In addition, she has embraced an interest for pop culture, for the diverse and for the urban. Architecture, design, music… Everything comes together from the magnetism of the streets: The odd and the fleeting with an intimate and gentle beauty. The heat of the moment with the timeless find each other in her extremely personal designs. In the recent seasons, she has gathered her creative ideas to produce conceptual shoe collections: Elegance merged with comfort and classic and technological materials.

ariadna arnés

Visual artist Ariadna Arnés (Barcelona 1976) shares with Cristi Pérez the taste for shoes, fashion and pop culture; That is the reason behind the decision of grouping together in order to create and deliver the Señorita Pérez collections.

Ariadna studied photography at the UPC and then specialized in photojournalism at the University of Rochester, NY. During last years she has been working as photography director in several documentary productions. Her work has been widely recognized after the presentation of the series "Estupendas" at Photoespaña in 2010.